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Turner Macpherson Golf Design is a long-standing collaboration between Greg Turner Golf in New Zealand and Scott Macpherson Golf Design in Scotland. Augmented further by additional team members as may be required to deliver each design and build project, Turner Macpherson Golf Design brings together a range of talents to offer a set of comprehensive golf course design related services.

The cost of building a good golf course need be no greater than building a poor one but the difference in returns are potentially huge. Turner Macpherson can bring the skills to add considerable value to all aspects of a new or redevelopment project.

Principal designers Greg Turner and Scott Macpherson believe strongly in working with the existing environment and creating courses that are in sympathy with their surroundings. All work undertaken follows a set of specific design philosophies:

  • Engaging Golf for All
    A well designed course can be both fun to play and engaging for all levels of players.
  • Environmental Responsibility
    We balance the requirements of the golfing facility with the best returns for the environment
  • Aesthetics
    A golf course must sit comfortably in its own location
  • Economy and Finality
    Do it once (economically) and do it right!
  • Appropriateness
    A course should reflect its environment not be imposed upon it.
  • Commitment
    Small, highly focussed team working on a small number of concurrent projects
  • Site Specific
    We are dedicated to ensuring our courses capture the essence of their location (both human and geological)