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New Course Design & Construction

We offer a comprehensive service to clients wishing to build new courses and resort developments.

From assisting in site selection through to resort planning and full course design, TMGD can bring with it the expertise required for all areas of the project.

Our philosophy on course design is a fairly simple one:
1. Modern courses need to be environmentally sensitive. Quite rightly modern societies are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of golf courses. By designing so strategic challenges don't demand specific course conditions (in dry periods let the ball be "alive" when it lands) and by selecting grasses and vegetation carefully, a philosophy of restraint in the usage of chemicals and water can prevail.

2. They need to fit seamlessly into the landscape. Sympathetic design will be environmentally sensitive design. Great golf is never imposed upon a landscape, it must itilise and enhance existing feature, can often re-introduce native and appropriate vegetation, and can create and enhance habitat.

3. They need a sense of place. Great golf is site specific. The journey that is golf can only be enhanced if it results in a greater awareness of the essence of a site, its geological and human history. We are committed to a thorough understanding of location in order that we may, through the nature of the routing of the course, reveal more than just an interesting golfing challenge.

4. They need to be playable by golfers of all levels while providing the variety of challenge necessary to remain interesting to all. It is a fallacy that a course that is playable for the novice will be of little interest to the elite player. Intelligent and skillful design can fulfill both of these requirements and everything in between.

5. They need to be financially viable. An economically unsuccessful venture is just as damaging to the reputation of the course designer as it is to the pocket of the investor.

6. The cost of building a good golf course need be no greater than building a poor one but the difference in returns are potentially huge. TMGD brings the skills to add considerable value to all aspects of a new project.

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