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Existing Course Re-Construction

Most golfers view their courses through a fairly simple set of criteria. Things like condition, difficulty, beauty and feel understandably tend to dominate as they are the most obvious elements. While all of the above criteria are clearly important it is the issues relating to design that, while less overtly apparent, will often underpin many other issues. Does the course ask strategic questions? Do golfers tire of it and not know why? Are the man-made constructions indistinguishable from nature? Does the course make the best possible use of the properties natural features? Does the routing of the holes make for a pleasant walking experience? These are important questions that all courses would benefit from addressing.

Many NZ courses suffer from familiar problems. As time has moved on and both equipment and expectation have changed, so have the demands upon the courses we play. Many clubs recognise this reality but are confused about how to deal with it. Doing so in-house has, however, proved a strategy fraught with problems. Even when satisfactory outcomes are achieved, the process within the club usually causes much friction. Positions are taken, factions are formed and disharmony ensues. The benefit of independence goes far beyond just the ability to bring an approach not tainted by familiarity.

And then there are the financial constraints. How many clubs have dealt with their financial stresses with small-scale, one off reactions rather than long-term, multi-decade solutions. A section here and a section there may quell the bank managers concerns for a while, but what of the future? We bring together the expertise that can solve both issues specific to the course along with those relating to financial stability for generations to come.

It is our experience that many clubs fail to extract the full potential from their courses. This is quite often down to a variety of reasons revolving around misunderstandings, misinterpretations and the realities of club politics. While many greens committees have, through the years, been well-intentioned in their motives and enthusiastic in their approach, they have seldom contained the knowledge, expertise or independence necessary to make successful forays into redesign and/or renovation. They have also, by their very nature, been in an almost constant state of change. The frequent introduction of new members has tended to mean changing philosophies, new agendas and therefore a lack of coherence in their approach. Even in the area of course set up (the use of long versus short grass as a hazard, appropriate fairway lines, irrigation as a tool rather than a drug, pin placements and tee positioning) seldom do we see the most rational or consistent approach.