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Profiles in Brief    Greg Turner    Scott Macpherson    David Moore    Richard Broadhead

Turner Macpherson Golf Design is a long-standing collaboration between Greg Turner Golf in New Zealand and Scott Macpherson Golf Design in Scotland. Augmented further by additional team members as may be required to deliver each design and build project, Turner Macpherson Golf Design brings together a range of talents to offer a set of comprehensive golf course design related services.

Significant team member's are profiles here:

Greg Turner has been involved in both design and playing golf at the very top level for over thirty years. His experiences throughout that period put him in an unparalleled position as designer and advisor on all areas relating to golf. READ MORE>>


Scott Macpherson has spent the last decade in a leading design role with such major international design firms as Thomson, Wolveridge and Perrett, and Denis Griffiths & Associates. Scott headed the DGA team responsible for the recent 36-hole development at St Andrews Bay and has authored a book that follows the development of the Old Course. Scott's considerable technical knowledge and practical experience are invaluable especially in major projects. READ MORE>>
David Moore brings a special range of skills and knowledge that add another layer to the process. His role is to effectively sit between the rigours and processes of design and construction and the overall philosophy and outcomes of the project as a whole. His extensive knowledge of the international standards and relationships between country club, resort and residential golf development coupled with his understanding of the creative tensions and skills involved in course design make him ideally placed to practically identify the potential for creating the greatest value from the interrelationship between golf and other elements of a project. READ MORE>>
Richard Broadhead has a Bachelor of Agriculture Engineering (Hons) – and an MSc in drainage engineering (The Ohio State University). He spent several years in environmental assessment in soil, drainage and irrigation in eastern USA and has since held positions of computer services manager with the DSIR/Crop & Food Research and technical services manager (Asia Pacific) for Trimble Navigation. Richard's broad range of technical knowledge in matters pertaining to environmental assessment, soils, drainage and irrigation coupled with his extensive understanding of computer and GPS technologies make him a huge asset to the company.
Which of these team members will be involved will ultimately depend on the scope and nature of individual projects. TMGD's combination of expertise, experience and independence make us uniquely qualified to assist your club in realising its full potential. Whether this involves aspirations for event staging, developing a rational philosophy to drive course set up and presentation or more complex course modification and/or redesign, we can advise and assist.