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David Moore. At TMGD it is our determination to lift the bar on what is currently considered best practice in the industry (most especially in NZ).

With that in mind it has always been our contention that course design cannot act in isolation - in some sort of creative vacuum. Our courses are almost always part of a larger project and environment (physical, commercial and human) and must be interrelated with that environment if they are to optimally serve their purpose. Without that realisation much potential can remain unlocked. Optimum results for clients of golf course design, build and renovation services are achieved through an integrated process. The quality of outcome is a function of the designer's skill; initially in concept, then planning, construction, shaping and growing-in. At each practical stage, the process is a combination of science and art. The science is disciplined, expert, predictable; the art is creative, interpretative, reactive.

For best results, a creative tension between science and art must be established and maintained throughout the entire process. This is only achieved where there is consistent, clear, expert leadership of the entire process applied to achieving the best possible results at the most reasonable cost or within budgeted costs constraints.

With this in mind we introduce David Moore as an important member of the team. David brings a special range of skills and knowledge that add another layer to this process. His role is to effectively sit between the rigours and processes of design and construction and the overall philosophy and outcomes of the project as a whole. His extensive knowledge of the international standards and relationships between country club, resort and residential golf development coupled with his understanding of the creative tensions and skills involved in course design make him ideally placed to practically identify the potential for creating the greatest value from the interrelationship between golf and other elements of a project.

This determination comes from our understanding that our ability to produce great golfing experiences means little if the projects with which we are involved are not successful in their entirety. Our designs must satisfy the requirement of providing an inspirational golfing examination, but they must just as importantly fulfil their role within the project as a whole. Ensuring that golf delivers the maximum value to each of our projects, and in turn that each project extracts every element of value that the golf course can bring is an area we are determined to excel in. David provides the skills to make this happen.